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I decided I wanted to help people invest in real estate when I was working as a leasing agent for a local apartment complex. Although I loved leasing, I believed that I could do something more impactful and I saw an opportunity to help people transition from being renters, to becoming first time homeowners. With my previous experience, I truly understood the struggles renters went through, and over time, I developed a strategy to help guide renters to homeownership. Since then, I am able to provide an array of resources to my clients, whether they are a first time home buyer or a seasoned home buyer. Everyday I strive to educate and encourage those around me about the power of home ownership! With my unique combination of property management and sales, I'm able to provide outstanding service and make each transaction as seamless as possible. 


Fun facts - 


I learned how to play guitar at the age of 12 and enjoy all types of music. I also sang in my high school advanced chamber choir and I have a deep love for classical music. My favorite composer is Eric Whitcre who actually grew up here in Las Vegas and became a world renowned new age composer whose music is performed all around the world.


I host a social media show every Monday called Monday Market Update where you can learn about the current state of the market and how that is affecting your home's value. You can follow my instagram to check out next Monday's video by scanning the QR code below