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Why Are People Moving To Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is experiencing a boom in population, the Las Vegas Review Journal states, “The Las Vegas metropolitan area grew by about 19,000 people between the summers of 2020 and 2021, according to new U.S. Census Bureau data.” Kristia Krebs of Custom Fit Real Estate tells you all about the alluring benefits of Sin City that are bringing in droves of new residents.

Why Move To Vegas?

When people think of Las Vegas their first thoughts are bright lights, huge casinos, and the nightlife. So when you tell people you live in Las Vegas most of their reactions are, “Wow, you must have so much fun!” While this statement is still true, its not just because the glitz and glam of the Strip. Vegas has so much to offer its residents outside of the tourist attraction features, despite what people believe there is a whole city outside of the Strip! Here are only a few out of the many reasons why so many people are choosing to call Las Vegas home.

Vegas Is A Sports City

In the last five years the sports industry has bloomed new success in Las Vegas. Professional sports enveloped the city, kicking off popularity with NHL Hockey Vegas Golden Knights. Since then the city has added Las Vegas Raiders of NFL, WNBA’s Las Vegas Aces, and minor league baseball Las Vegas Aviators. These teams make Vegas a well rounded sports city since according to Play USA, the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL are considered the “Big Four” of professional sports.

Sports not only enriches the culture and lifestyle in Las Vegas, but adds to the tourist attraction appeals when visitors plan their trip to Vegas. Sports fans are now finding reasons to come to Vegas to cheer on their teams on the road when they play against Vegas teams.

Becoming a sports city is indicative of being much desired city to live in. Having large sports teams could means the city is growing in population and in integral areas including new housing and new job opportunities.

Job Opportunities

With the growth in population and the overall expansion of the city, the Las Vegas job market is growing quickly as well. According to News 3 LV, Las Vegas has shown more year-to-year job growth by percentage than any other large metropolitan areas in the nation.

In an article from KTNV 13 Las Vegas News, Nevada’s chief economist Bob Potts says, “…being located where we are next to the fifth largest economy in the world, Port of Los Angeles, all of that, and points east and points west, right? So when we talk about healthcare, professional business services, warehousing, distribution, advanced manufacturing, all of those are where we’ve shown that we can really be competitive, and it creates huge opportunities for workforce, not only here but workforce that we can attract them into that as well.”

Las Vegas’s growing job market is bringing in people looking to grow with the city. Finding a job here may be easier than other major metropolitan areas, that plus the exciting lifestyle that Vegas can provide is the reason why people are interested in making Sin City their home.


On top of the great job opportunities in Las Vegas, many residents enjoy that there is no state income tax, and the property tax is comparatively low! There are also many great established communities across the valley, each one harboring its own shopping, public parks, entertainment, and schools. Communities in Las Vegas include: Summerlin, North Las Vegas, Downtown Las Vegas, Spring Valley, City of Henderson, and more. You can learn more about our great Vegas communities on our YouTube channel!

Active Outdoor Lifestyle

The Vegas sun is shiny all year round, so Vegas residents can enjoy all of the surrounding nature parks and conservation areas any time! Surrounding outdoor recreational spots are Mount Charleston, Red Rock, Lake Mead and more! These offer great trails for hiking, biking, as well as areas for picnics and camping.

Las Vegas is providing its residents with a variety of options to make life fun and exciting as well as stable and comfortable. What’s not to like about a city that can provide you entertainment, be 24hr, offer job opportunities, and fulfilling active activities?!

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