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Top Three Things Buyers Want in a Home

The Las Vegas Market is currently a seller’s market, therefore it is important to know what the top things buyers are looking for when selling your home. Donna McLean, a Realtor® with Custom Fit Real Estate discusses the top three things that buyers are looking for currently.  Our Update Before You Sell Program has the ability to maximize your profit by enabling you to update your home to match the trending needs of buyers and increase your home’s value. Here are the top three things that buyers are currently interested in:

  • Updated Kitchen and Bath
  • Open Floorplan
  • Low-Maintenance Landscaping

Updated Kitchen and Bath

Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are becoming very popular for kitchen and bathroom updates. According to HGTV there are a few reasons why quartz is growing in popularity against granite. The first reason being that quartz is not 100% natural like granite is, because of this quartz allows for more flexibility in it’s design. You’re able to customize the look of your countertops more as opposed to looking for the perfect granite match to fit your design.

Quartz can end up costing more than granite however, because it could end up being heavier than other stone options, you would need to do more work and spend more money during the install process. Quartz is also more environmentally friendly over granite because it is engineered, whereas granite needs to be quarried when acquired which needs a lot of energy.

The Maintenance of quartz is much easier than granite, you only have to clean your countertops with cleaner, or soap and water daily or whenever there are spills. For granite it is suggested that you wipe and clean them down daily, and get the countertops resealed yearly. Lastly, Quartz is harder than granite and therefore more durable than granite.

Shaker Cabinets

These cabinets are trending because their sleek, clean, and simple style allows them to be paired with modern or traditional designs. In this article from HGTV, the shaker cabinet is dated back to the American Colonial era. Despite them dating back so long ago they have made a return to match with modern and contemporary styles of today. They are minimalistic with sharp outside edges and a recessed panel. Typically when used in modern or contemporary designs, shaker cabinets are painted gray or white, but they can be stained to highlight the natural wood.

Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel appliances have been popular for a while now. Many factors that lead to their popularity include their durability, how easy they are to clean, and how they match any kitchen design.

Updated Kitchen in a home that was updated by Custom Fit Real Estate of Las Vegas, Nevada.
Updated Bath in a home that was updated by Custom Fit Real Estate of Las Vegas, Nevada

Open Floorplans

This concept of having an open floorplan is growing in popularity because it has the ability to make your home feel and look bigger. Open floorplans also offer a better area for entertaining guests often making the kitchen the focal point of the room. Buyers are looking for open floorplans because it has a more modern look, has better lighting, can increase your home value, and helps with the traffic flow of your home.

Open floorplan in a home sold by Custom Fit Real Estate.

Low Maintenance Landscaping

Many Las Vegas residents are switching over to desert landscaping for many reasons but the main one being that is is environmentally friendly. The Las Vegas Valley Water District are pushing forth efforts towards being water smart due to drought and they recommend that Las Vegas residents switch over to desert landscaping to help with reducing water waste. Switching to desert landscaping can can also save you money in the long run because you aren’t watering your lawn. An additional benefit of desert landscaping is the personal energy you save because you don’t need to mow a lawn.

A backyard that was updated to desert landscaping by Custom Fit Real Estate’s Update Before You Sell Program in Las Vegas, Nevada

Through our exclusive Update Before You Sell Program, our in-house licensed general contractor, Custom Fit Construction, can enable you to make improvements on your home to fit these trends that buyers are looking for. Read more about our Update Before You Sell Program in our Blogs: Should You Update Your Home, and Update Before You Sell – 9106 IvyBridge.

Interested in maximizing your profit on the sale of your home? Contact us today to learn more about the Update Before You Sell Program.

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