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How to Craft an Offer That Stands Out!

Housing inventory is LOW! This means if you’re looking to buy a house right now you’ll be competing against many other offers once you find THE home. What you might not know is there are ways to craft your offer to make it look more appealing to the sellers! Every recipe for an ideal offer is different depending on the seller, but the basic ingredients are the same. Kasen Kolhoss, REALTOR® with Custom Fit Real Estate Group,  is in the kitchen cooking up a storm and showing you the recipe on how to craft an offer that stands out amongst your competition.

Kasen Kolhoss of Custom Fit Real Estate of Las Vegas, Nevada give you the ingredients to make an outstanding offer!

Custom Fit Recipe

An Offer That Stands Out!

Ingredients: Use Equal Parts

  • Highest & Best Offer
  • Waiving Inspection
  • Appealing Appraisal Terms
  • NO Special Requests From Sellers
  • Super Secret Ingredient: Custom Fit Real Estate Agent


Start with your highest and best offer, mix in waiving inspection (can be omitted). Sprinkle in the Appealing Appraisal Terms if you have the ability to get this ingredient. Whisk in a generous amount of No Special Requests from sellers. Lastly, be sure to combine to the best of your ability these ingredients with the help of a knowledgeable real estate agent who is willing to negotiate well for you!

Ingredient Facts:

Highest & Best Offer

This is a strategy ingredient. You are creating a boundary for yourself on the highest and best offer you can put forth. So if a seller tries to push back and ask for more you know that you’ve already submitted the best and highest you could. This allows you to walk away knowing that you’ve stayed within your means if the sellers don’t select your offer.

Waiving Inspection

This is appealing to sellers because it cuts down the time to close on the home, meaning they’ll get to sell their house to you faster. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to get your home inspected, this just means that you’re willing to accept the house as is.

Appealing Appraisal Terms

Most lenders will require that you get the home appraised, however if you have the ability to waive the appraisal because you are paying with cash, do it! Waiving the appraisal will again lessen the time it will take for the house to close, meaning the sellers get to sell their house faster.

NO Special Requests From Sellers

In this seller’s market, you do NOT want to ask for any special requests from the sellers. There used to be a time where buyers could make special requests like having closing fees be covered or negotiate prices down. Those days are gone, currently the sellers set the tone and can make the requests. This is why it’s called a seller’s market! The seller’s set the terms and the buyers have to agree. So any special requests for sellers will turn your deliciously crafted offer into a soured one!

Super Secret Ingredient: Custom Fit Real Estate Agent!

Tying in all of your ingredients will be this super secret ingredient that acts as the activator. You want an agent who is looking out for your best interest. You need a knowledgeable agent who will negotiate on your behalf and help you understand what the sellers want. With their insight you can put together the best offer you can for the home you have your heart set on.

Custom Fit Real Estate Agents make it the super secret ingredient! This is because our agents will go above and beyond for their clients!

We love providing you with pro-tips and helpful information so that you feel prepared when buying or selling your home! Be sure to read our other blogs and visit our YouTube channel! Thanks for reading!

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