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Homeowner Maintenance Checklists

Summer Home Maintenance

For the summer time, be sure to check around your HVAC unit to ensure that there isn’t any weeds or grass growing around it as this can cause your unit to work inefficiently.

Inspecting your deck should be done in the summer to take advantage of the heat and sun if your deck needs resealing. Home sidings should be cleaned and the warmer weather is the best weather to do your power washing in as it helps dry the sides faster. Be sure to look for cracks or blemishes in your siding as well.

Summer time rain occasionally occurs in Las Vegas, usually around 4th of July, take advantage of this rain fall to check your foundation to make sure water isn’t leaking and affecting the integrity of your foundation.

Monthly Home Maintenance

Keeping a regimen of monthly maintenance actions can help save you money and energy in the long run. Be sure to check your filters, whether its your HVAC or your oven range vent filters, replace or clean them out for preventative care.

Catching a leak early can prevent water damage that can lead to bigger issues, so look for leaks around your sinks and toilets to help prevent any serious water damage. Another defense against water damage is to check caulking and grout to prevent water from seeping in to areas that need to stay dry.

For your safety you want to make sure all smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors are still working and have new batteries. Also be sure to trip your GFCI outlets, if they do not trip correctly then be sure to replace the outlets that don’t work.

Lastly, you want to just take a walk around your property. Inspect the foundation, gutters, water spouts, home siding, etc. This keeps you aware of the condition of your home monthly which helps avoid any issues from getting worse over time.

Yearly Home Maintenance

Your yearly maintenance for safety will include cleaning out the dryer exhaust so that you can prevent fires that may start with trapped lint. Also check and replace your fire extinguishers, be sure to have them placed in easy access places all over your home.

You can be proactive with the following tasks to help with the efficiency and longevity of your home appliances. Lubricate your your garage door springs to help keep them working smoothly. Draining your hot water heater, cleaning your septic tank, exercise your supply valves, clean fridge coils, and clean bathroom exhaust fan.

You also want to look for signs of termites or other infestations, you can do this by looking for droppings, bite marks, etc. You don’t want infestations eating away at the structural security of your home, and a rat infestation can do an amazing amount of damage within your home.

All of homeowner maintenance lists are sourced from the HSH website.

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