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Custom Fit Real Estate in the News

Las Vegas Real Estate Industry Leader

Our clients are top-of-mind when it comes to helping them navigate the real estate market and protect their largest investment – their home. Our goal is to provide exceptional service and value to our clients. In fact, it’s an essential part of our company mission statement, “Without a thought of compensation in mind, we go the extra mile for everyone in our community, every time.”

Part of the value Custom Fit Real Estate provides is our exclusive program that is helping Las Vegas homeowners address problems before they start. The Update Before You Sell Program helps homeowners eliminate any and all visual objections in order to attract as many potential buyers as possible. We’ve helped sellers average $40,000 more on the sale of their home through this program. Check out how this program is attracting attention nationwide.

“With this all inclusive program, sellers truly get all the help they need. From an in-house licensed general contractor to seasoned agents and listing professionals, the Update Before You Sell Program was created to give sellers peace of mind.”

Las Vegas’s Best Kept Secret

Simmons believes, “Buying a home is an emotional decision, not an investment.” And likewise, shouldn’t the client be treated accordingly? That’s undoubtedly what he thinks, and in fact, it’s a big part of why he started Custom Fit in the first place. Working in construction, Simmons felt that he had found his niche. He had a genuine passion for it. But he found himself dismayed by how dismissive big-brand real estate firms could be towards their clients—and even their personnel. He decided to take what he knew about construction and real estate and channel it into a new kind of company that would put people first, not profits. Today, not only is Custom Fit Real Estate a reality—it’s a significant presence in the Las Vegas housing industry.”

The Vegas Realtor Changing the Industry

The venture is based in Las Vegas, and as the name suggests, it specializes in providing a highly personalized experience to all clients. In addition, it is a holistic and comprehensive firm that offers a wide array of services, including buying, financing, and selling homes.

Moapa Valley Real Estate Agent Goes “Custom”

“Moapa Valley realtor and all-around community “Good Guy” Kasen Kolhoss has switched to the new real estate company Custom Fit Real Estate…Kasen has been licensed since November 2018 and sold his first house in February of 2019. Since then he has had nearly 50 sales within his short career so far with numbers continuing to climb.

Las Vegas Real Estate’s Hidden Gem

Simmons is a competent and amicable presence in a competitive industry. He is a seasoned realtor that has worked through many ups and downs in the housing market. He strives to make these ups and downs, particularly the low points, beneficial to as many home buyers and sellers as possible with the Update Before You Sell Program. It is this passion and innovation that sets his program and agency apart.

Jack of All Trades, Master of All: Coltyn Simmons and Custom Fit Real Estate

“Moapa Valley realtor and all-around community “Good Guy” Kasen Kolhoss has Coltyn Simmons, founder of Custom Fit Real Estate, has been in the real estate industry for over 15 years. With an unrivaled experience resume that includes working in construction, he has created a culture in his workplace that prioritizes not only client satisfaction but agent satisfaction as its cornerstone.”

Looking to buy a home in Las Vegas or sell a home in Las Vegas? Custom Fit Real Estate has industry leaders with a combined 75+ years experience that are dedicated to guiding and helping you in the Las Vegas real estate market. Contact us today!

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