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5 Things Real Estate Agents Do For Buyers

At Custom Fit Real Estate, we want to set a high standard for what buyers should expect from great real estate agents. More often than not, buyers will pick any real estate agent and hope their agent will help them find their next home, but suddenly buyers are finding themselves with inadequate help and barely hearing from their agent. Nik Madison, REALTOR with Custom Fit Real Estate, explains the 5 things agents should be doing for buyers.

5 Things Buyer Agents Should Be Doing

1. Lender Assistance

A great real estate agent will have a lender partnership that allow for easy transaction and processing. For example, at Custom Fit Real Estate we have a partnership with the lenders Millennium Mortgage Group, LLC. Having this relationship allows our agents to guarantee that the lender can provide their clients with great service, reliable pre-approvals, transparency, on-time closings, fast turn around time, and more. These are a few of the things that real estate agents should expect from their lenders according to

2. Local Realtor Expert

Real estate agents should be the local expert for the area. Buyers should expect that their real estate agent know about the communities, and what they have to offer. They should be able to provide recommendations for the area, or do the research to provide information. Real estate agents should gather information on the local schools, entertainment areas, close by hiking trails, and most importantly which houses will be coming soon or just listed in the area of interest.

One of the greatest things about working in real estate is the commitment to the communities that we service. Custom Fit Real Estate agents know that when they help their buyers and sellers, they’re not just dealing with a home, they’re factoring what a community can offer their clients. Community highlight videos are done to keep our agents learning about the communities in and around the Las Vegas Valley. They’re also a great way to share the knowledge to our clients about the awesome communities in Las Vegas, NV.

3. Offer Advice

Real estate agents should be training daily to stay up to date on the latest real estate market. This allows them to offer the best advice in all aspects of real estate. That way when they are providing advice they’re fully knowledgeable and confident in the information they are relaying.

4. Negotiating For You

Real estate agents should be making sure that they provide the best possible price for their buyers. In order to achieve that they have to be the best negotiators they can be for their clients. Each agent will have their own negotiation strategies, but what matters is the training and the time they put in to honing their craft. Buyers should make sure they are working with an agent who are knowledgeable and proactive.

5. Crossing The Finish Line

Strong real estate agents will ensure that they get their clients across that finish line. Buyers want a real estate that will be there from beginning to end. Nothing is more off putting than an agent who seemingly gets what they want and leaves their client hanging. A great real estate agent will be their clients partner throughout the entire home buying process and will be satisfied once they are able to get keys in their clients hand.

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